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1959/2/27 Yoshikazu Okada, the first Holy Master, receives a divine revelation and established the organization in the Suda-cho area of Kanda, Tokyo.
8/28 L.H. Company of Sun Light Children is established.
1963/11/19 L.H. Company of Sun Light Children is registered as a religious corporation under the name "Sekai Mahikari Bunmei Kyodan (World Divine Light Organization)."
1968/2/4 Temporary main shrine is finished in Denenchofu, and Special Grand Anniversary Ceremony is held (Su no Hikari Hii Ohokamu no Miya).
1974/6/13 In a divine revelation the first Holy Master is commanded by God to make Sakae Sekiguchi the second Holy Master.

6/23 First Holy Master Kotama Okada ascends to heaven. According to the divine degree, Sakae Sekiguchi becomes the second Holy Master and is assumed the officer of representative.
1975/1/11 Sakae Sekiguchi, the second Holy Master, receives the Holy name of Seiho from God.
1982/2/10 Sacred Land decided (approximately 1,988,000 square meters in Amagi, on the Izu Peninsula).
1983/12/11&18 Miroku Shrine Completion Ceremony
1987/8/23 Completion and Relocation Grand Ceremony of the Su-za World Main Shrine.
1988/8/30 Authorization to become incorporated religious organization granted in the United States.
1989/4/2 Sukyo Jissen Yoko College is established.
1990/12 Program for overseas study begins.

1994/1/3 The second Holy Master ascends to heaven. According to the divine degree, Mr. Katsutoshi Sekiguchi becomes the third Holy Master as well as the organization's representative.
1/6 At 5:00 AM Third Holy Master is informed by a messenger God that he is to take the holy name of "Seisho."
1996/4/18 Religious corporation is established in the Republic of China (Taiwan).
1999/8/1 In the front garden of Su-za, Mankind Festival is held in order to change mankind's direction from destruction to salvation, offering sincere prayer of love and appreciation to God.
(The 40th Grand Anniversary Festival)
2001/5/13 "New York Spiritual Development Center Initiation Ceremony for New Century - Prayer for the Worldwide Expansion" is held in Manhattan New York.
2002/10/17 The Memorial Service of World Trade Center is held in New York.

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